Using One WhatsApp Business number with multiple users is now possible by connecting your WhatsApp Business number with Online Live Support. Online Live support multi channel inbox integrates with multiple WhatsApp Business API providers. This will help you to connect with multiple users to work with the same WhatsApp Business number from one inbox

The benifit of implementing WhatsApp Business via Online Live Support is that more customers can be helped at the same time. This will help you to connect with your customers quickly and improve conversions on your website

WhatsApp for teams

All of customer inquires via WhatsApp messages are available in the shared Online Live Support team inbox. The inbox help your colleagues to collaborate efficiently. They may able to pick up, assign a conversation, tag each other and chat internally. All of these possible without leaving the inbox.

You may also automate the conversions via chatbot

Moreover, using WhatsApp Business via the team inbox, is that not each employee needs to use their private WhatsApp Business number to be reached out to. Your company business phone number can be used to communicate with customers.

WhatsApp for business on multiple devices

The team inbox is accessible via multiple devices. Every of your colleague has its own personal account that has access to the team inbox in order to respond on inquires via WhatsApp messages. Whenever there is new inquiry or message on your WhatsApp number, all of the colleagues who has an account gets the email notification.

The portal is accessible via multiple browser and cross devices (via Mobile, Tablet, Desktop). This way you can be reached from anywhere in the world.\

Frequently asked questions

How to add a WhatsApp widget with a plugin?

Yes, you can add a chat widget for WhatsApp using a free plugin or you can add a Web Chat Widget Code (HTML)

Can I integrate WhatsApp on a WordPress, Wix site, Shopify, and Squarespace?

Yes, you can integrate Online Live Support chat widget to your wordpress, wix, shopify, squarespace

How can you add WhatsApp on your website?

You can easily integrate chat widget to your website in just a few clicks. Your customers can start chatting with your business through WhatsApp in just single click.