WhatsApp API

Enterprise Level WhatsApp API for $39/month.

Send and receive messages using HTTP requests.

How Does It Work?

Fixed price, no hidden fees, unlimited messages, no cost per message

Easy Setup – Get Started in 30 Seconds

1. Set Up Your Phone

Make sure you have installed WhatsApp in the phone (regular or Business version) and have activated the number

2. Scan QR

Open WhatsApp from your mobile app & Scan QR to authenticate your instance to send messages via your WhatsApp number

3. Start Sending Messages

Start utilizing API to send messages or Integrate with your favorite app

Why Choose Us

Trusted by 1000+ companies all over the world

Increase your conversions and improve your sales, support and marketing on the World’s most popular app holding over 2 billion active users.

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WhatsApp Benefits for your Business

WhatsApp stands out as one of the most important communication channels for businesses

Higher Response Rates

Brand Recall

Better Read Ratio

Rich Marketing

Customer Preference

High Open Rates

WhatsApp Business API Use Cases

Integrate with your Favourite Apps

Integrate with your favorite app and enhance your customers communication and business

Ready To Get Started?

It's Fast It's Easy It's Free

Feedback from Our Customers

One of the best and reliable services I have ever used. Simple, efficient and cost effective. 100% satisfaction.

Edward Zevelev

IT Consultant

Using eCommerce automations by using Online Live Support, it manage to improve the conversations more than 40%

Syahir Saher

Sales Executive

Recommended, We are using for Course enrollment notifications, Reminders, activity due date and related to notify to the users via WhatsApp.

Guru Panda

Senior Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Send WhatsApp Messages via API?

After Signup, you will be getting QR code to connect your WhatsApp number

Can I send bulk messages?

Online Live Support does not have any limit to send messages, but we recommend not to send more than 1,000 messages per day and must put delay on each message. Since sometimes if you send bulk messages, users may report it as spam, and you may get blocked. So follow the best practice and send messages only to your client who opt-in. The messages should be services (Reminders, OTP, Subscription, Payment alert, Cart Abandonment, Up-Sell and related)

Use WhatsApp API to increase my company's sales

If you have already decided to increase your sales through WhatsApp, then it's the right time to integrate the WhatsApp API with your e-commerce store. Here are the quick steps: Send Cart Abandonment notifications: When a user adds a product to the online shopping cart of an e-commerce site but doesn't proceed to checkout and complete the purchase, you can send them reminder via WhatsApp and let them to complete their purchase Send Up-Sell notifications: Send additional notification to upsell your products right after the user bought the current product. Create a bot: Create your business profile over WhatsApp where your users can contact you when they want to interact with your business.

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