WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart

The customers will share the products with their contacts and whenever they want, these products will be useful for individuals so there will be more chances of selling. However, this customer will share the products with their contacts whenever they want, and the products will be useful for individuals so there will be a more chance of sell of the products. However, this will help in converting traffic to your website.

Build strong customer relations

It is sharing of orders or products on chat that will generate traffic to your website which will indirectly increase sale conversion. This will help to traders in forming a strong relationship with their customers by giving them full support and time when they need it. In general, your store gets promoted between visitors through smart chat and you will get more visitors to your store.

It can be attached to the user.

It easily gets contacts for a number of customers without the customers being required to fill a form.

Set up and get a greeting message by utilizing WhatsApp for Business App.

Active and quickest chat platform that runs even with the least the connectivity.

WhatsApp Abandoned Cart

When a user adds a product to the online shopping cart of an e-commerce site but it doesn’t proceed to the checkout and to complete the purchases. Some of the users may abandon because they aren’t ready to buy products. To set up automatic, personalized email alerts to remind the users that they have items in their carts.

WhatsApp Abandon Cart Recovery


Send a direct WhatsApp message with an Abandoned Cart link and/or special offer to complete the purchase,

The Abandon cart recovery list,

Details analysis report of the abandoned cart recovery.

Key Features:

Managing contact to Seller by means of Smart chat,

It is fully customizable,

The various smart chat and contact can be added,

It is the least expensive in marketing,

The simple installation and Setup,

It is completely fully Responsive,

The multi-Person Support,

Its single Person Support.

Shopify WhatsApp Integration

The WhatsApp Business has made it possible for businesses to scale their customer support. WhatsApp integrates with existing support tools and to helps to get your entire team to handle customers from a shared WhatsApp business account.

Regular Updates

We will be updating this app regularly to make it increasingly helpful in using the various techniques and transforming ways.

WhatsApp Abandoned Cart Shopify

Its two-way communication,

An abandoned checkout (also called an ‘abandoned cart’) occurs when a customer adds an item to their cart and doesn’t follow through with a purchase. Setting up Abandoned checkout on Shopify is the equivalent of a quick win.

WhatsApp apps for Shopify solve multiple problems for an e-commerce store and owners, and work on many fronts to increase sales, prevent returns, and keep customers happy. All this while keeping costs manageable.

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