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Why would you use Online Live Support to make WhatsApp links?

In order to initiate a WhatsApp chat, you typically need to know the user’s phone number, save it to your device, and then search for it. This process is simplified by a WhatsApp link that allows users to “click to chat” without saving their phone numbers.

You have arrived to the right place if you want to create WhatsApp links so that people can instantly contact you. Without requiring saving their number, Online Live Support enables the creation of WhatsApp links for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it charge for links?

You can create a free link. We do not charge for this services.

What is the message / custom message?

It is a default message that shows when a user clicks on your link and launches the chat. They can start a conversation more easily and you will know exactly where the user is from as a result.

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