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WhatsApp Bulk sender

Send Broadcast Messages on WhatsApp via Online Live Support dashboard (even if the recipient does not save your number).

  • What can a business achieve with WhatsApp Bulk sender?

    WhatsApp for business has become rapidly popular worldwide. WhatsApp has a record 1.5 billion users in the world that shows the popularity of this application. WhatsApp is not only a medium of conversation, but also it has become an effective tool for business growth. Many service providers offer WhatsApp bulk sender services and API integration services that enable organizations to get many features. With the help of the API platform, the companies can connect more than 30 communication channels. 

  • WhatsApp bulk message sender

    helps the businesses to send messages in bulk to the customers with just a single click. With the help of this feature, organizations can send unlimited messages, schedule campaigns, use multi-media messages, filter numbers, and many more. Businesses can buy bulk messages packaged based on the number of messages they want to send to their customers. Some service provider offers unlimited packages and another offer with a validity period. So the company can choose the package according to their requirements.

  • Some benefits that WhatsApp bulk sender software can give you

    Here are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp as a business tool to interact with customers.

    Send notification

    • With the help of WhatsApp bulk message sender, you can send timely notifications to the customer about shipping, order bookings, delivery, shipping, cancellation, rejection, etc. 
    • You can alert your customers about the payment due date and update them about orders.
    • You can send informational messages about their order details. You can send the informational text with standard codes so that only the real person can get access to it.
    • With bulk sender, you can also send personalized messages to customers in bulk to increase the engagement rate.

    Customer support

    • Customer support is one of the main essentials of a successful business. And you can offer high-quality customer support with the help of chatbots. The chatbots will send automated replies to the audience in the form of greetings, welcome messages, and answers to FAQs, and many more. You can program the chatbots any way you want.
    • Additionally, the support staff will be able to reply to the customer effectively and solve the problem faster.
    • With the help of the chatbots feature, the support staff will be able to find the root cause of the problem and also keep the conversation alive as well.
    • Customers will get support until they need satisfactory answers, and it will improve their trust in the company. With two-way communication, the companies and customers will stay in touch with each other.

    Affordable and efficient

    • The bulk WhatsApp software will make the business more efficient and productive. The bulk message plan won’t cost you too much, and when you look at its benefits, it is worth it.
    • You can choose the plan and use the tools with WhatsApp for better results. WhatsApp can be very beneficial for the business if they use it in a proper way.

    Better product discovery

    • You can help the customers to find the right product or service by giving them the related information about the products and services they have an interest in. 
    • You can send high-quality videos, images, documents, audio files so that customers will get a better idea about the product.
    • Send a link that will take the customer directly to the product, and with this strategy, you will be able to get high conversion rates and increase sales.
    • The easy and faster purchasing method will motive the customer to purchase more from the business, and it will bring more customers to your business and boost your business revenue.