Send Message to WhatsApp Group via API

To send or receive a message to WhatsApp Group,, you can use Online Live Support Send Message Group API

Send Message Group API docs: Click here

Example Request: 

curl –location -g ‘{{id}}’ \

–data ‘{





Full list of  WhatsApp

Group APIs:

1.  Group Messages

  • Send Message Text
  • Send Bulk Text Message
  • Send Image URL
  • Send Document URL
  • Send Document URL
  • Send Video URL
  • Send Location
  • Send Location
  • Send VCard
  • Send ListMessage
  • Send ButtonMessage
  • Send ButtonLinkMessage

2. Group Event

  • List Group
  • Create Group
  • Info Group
  • List Group Participants
  • Make Admin
  • Demote Admin
  • Add Participants
  • Remove Participants
  • Update Group Name
  • Update Description
  • Settings Update
  • Invite Code
  • Leave Group


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many messages can be send in one go?

We do not restrict any limit, you can send as many as you want, but we recommned to use it wisely

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